Purpose & Scope

If you receive damaged products, it is important that you report it to us so that we can replace it for you and identify when and where the product was damaged. When filling out your Return Authorization form, you can include this information in the Details section in order to help us provide the best service possible.


  1. Create a Return Authorization form and fill in the appropriate fields.
  2. In the details section, include the following information:
    • How the product is damaged
    • How the functionality of the product is affected
    • Whether the retail package of the product is damaged
    • Whether the shipping package of the product is damaged
  3. Attach any images or screenshots of the damage or improper functionality of the product.
  4. Click Submit.

Additional Comments

After your return authorization form has been processed, you will receive a shipping label at your preferred email address. Print the label and use it to ship your product.

No restocking fee will be charged for exchanging damaged or defective products.